Uganda Kob (Kobus kob)

  • Uganda Kob Taxonomy
  • Common name: Uganda Kob
  • Scientific name: Kobus kob
  • Kingdom: Animalia
  • Phylum: Chordata
  • Class: Mammalia
  • Order: Artodactyla
  • Family: Boridae
  • Genus: Kobus
  • Species: Kob
  • They are found in Uganda almost everywhere.

They live in herds whose size varies considerably throughout the year. Due to seasonal movements, larger Kob populations do not maintain permanent territories. Movements from one habit 2 another may be the result of seasonal environmental changes such as flooding, five and drought which affect suitable habitants, food and water sources. Females determine when and where to move and the males follow these lead breeding in seasonal, and after a gestation period of months, a single offspring is born.

They feed on cowpea leaves, cut grass, vegetables and greens, new shoots of grass. The male Kob is fairly stocky antelope with a muscular neck. Only the males have horns that are twisted from the forehead. The horns reach a length of between 40-69cm. the coat coloration is anything from a yellowish orange color to reddish color with white under surfaces and throat and facial patches. They have black markings on their legs. Males are larger than females searching a head and body length of 180cm.

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