White-water rafting: This activity is traditionally the most popular excursion on the Upper Nile, but a host of other activities are available and can be booked with Kwanza Tours. Should you be thinking of doing more than one activity, be aware that the we usually offer discounted packages combining rafting with other activities such as jet-boating, paddle-boarding, tandem Kayaking and bungee-jumping.

Bungee Jumping: While most activites along the Jinja Nile explore water and terra firma, at Adrift’s Nile High Camp you can investigate a 44 m column of thin air — an experience enabled by a 12 m cantilevered steel bungee tower atop a 32 m riverside cliff. The cost USD 115, a second jumb costs USD 50, and the third is free. Discounts are available to East African residents and as part of a combo that also includes rafting.

Mountain Biking: This can be hired from several hotels and lodges on the Upper Nile. A recommended specialists, based at the Nile River Camp. Costs USD 45 per person for a 2-/4-hour guided trip. Rates for unguided bike usage are negotiable.

Quad biking: Based in Bujagali. All Terrain Adventures runs quad-biking trips following local footpaths and tracks that connect some stunning Nile viewpoints. Rates range from USD 49 per person for an hour, long ride to USD 195 per person for an 8-hour day with lunch. A two day trip along the Nile Valley costs USD 275 including overnight accommodation and meals.

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