Chobe Safari Lodge on Victoria Nile in Murchison Falls National Park

“The most spectacular to happen to the Nile on its journey to the Mediterranean” — This quote from Winston Churchill, describes the famous Murchison Falls, which give the park its name.

Murchison Falls National Park as it is known today, covers an area of 3,860 km2 (1,557 mi2). It is situated in Northwestern Uganda and is the country’s largest faunal reserve. The park is bisected by the Victoria Nile from Karuma Falls at its eastern border to Lake Albert in the West. To the North of the river is Acholiland and to the South is Bunyoro. The park is bordered in the East and South by Karuma Game Reserve (713 km2) and Bugungu Game Reserve (748 km2).

For 80 km between Karuma Falls and Murchison Falls the river is a rushing torrent of water which drops about 300 metres. As it spills over the ancient rocks that form the Western Rift Valley wall, much of its youthful energy is lost in the force with which it explodes through the 6 metre gorge and into the cauldron of the turbulent water below (known to fishermen as “Devils Cauldron”). The Nile continues on a slower, wider course for another 28 km until it reaches Lake Albert. It then flows steadily north, where for 30 km it forms the northwest boundary of the park.

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