Ndali Lodge is located approximately 45 minutes from Kibale National Park. Ndali Lodge is a truly beautiful place, situated on the rim of an extinct volcano, which has since filled with water; the lodge looks out upon the incredible Lake Nyinambuga.

The lodge has 8 en suite thatched cottages which accommodates families. Each cottage consists of a bath, shower, WC and hand basin and a private verandah, perfect for watching the sun setting behind the Rwenzori Mountains, the snow-capped peaks of which are clearly visible on a clear day.

Kibale Forest is renowned for hosting the largest concentration of chimps on the continent, while its community-based neighbour, Bigodi, is a birders paradise with twitchers able to see African Grey Parrot, Black-billed Turacos, and the Yellow-Billed Barbet among others. The 1,000 acre farm on which Ndali Lodge is located is also overrun with exciting pastimes, from kayaking and swimming in the lake below to guided walks and historical and day tours in the surrounding area.

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