Buhoma Community Rest Camp offers outside enthusiasts a style of safari-style living and is a superb base camp for great ape trekking, in addition as perceptive the various endemic bird species that inhabit the region. This pleasant and well-kept camp provides guests many lodging choices like bandas, self-contained safari tents, dormitory style accommodations, and levelled terraces for those with camping equipment. The camp additionally has an open-fronted restaurant wherever guests will get pleasure from exceptional views of the glorious forest canopy whereas dining on delicious meals prepared by local chefs using locally grown produce. there's additionally a fully furnished bar abutting the restaurant for those people who need to relax and unwind. While Buhoma Community Rest Camp hosts several gorilla trekking enthusiasts, there area unit a variety of alternative reasons to remain in Bwindi. The guided Community Village Walk is an excellent way to meet the locals and learn traditional ways in which of life; as well as that of the Batwa people.

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