Vervet Monkey (Cercopithecus aethiops) Swahili: tumbili

Length (excluding tail): 40 – 55 cm; weight: 4 – 6 kg. Also known as the green or grivet monkey, the vervet is probably the the world's numerous monkey and certainly the most common and widespread representativve of the Cercopithecus guenons, a taxonomically controversial genus associated with African forests. An atypical guenon in that it inhabits savannah and woodland rather than true forest, the vervet sprends a high proportion of its time on the ground and in most of its range could be confused only with the much larger and heavier baboon. However, the vervet's light-grey coat, black face and white forehead band should be diagnostic as should the male's garish blue genitals. The vervet is abindant in Tanzania, and might be seen just about anywhere, not only in reserves.

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