Red Colobus in Swahili: kima punju (Procolobus badius)

Length (excluding tail): 60 cm, weight: 10 kg. The status of this variable monkey is agin controversial, with between one and ten species recognised by different authorities. Most population havve black on the upper bacl, red on the lower back, a pale tufted crown and a long-limbed appearance unlike that of any guenon or mangabey. Four populations are known in East Africa, of two live isolated pockets in Tanzania, and are regarded by some authorities to be full species. The first of these is Kirk’s red colobus (p. kirkii), which is endemic to Zanzibar Island, where it is readily observed in the Jozani Fores in the east. The endemic Uhehe red colobus ( p. gordonorum) is fairly common and conspicuous resident of the Udzungwe Mountains in southern Tanzania.

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