Nile Crocodile (Crocodylus niloticus)

Size/weight: 6 m and 1,000 kg. The older Crocodilia dates back at least 150 million years, and fossil forms that live contemporaneously with dinosaurs and remarkably unchanged from their modern counterparts, of which the Nile crocodile regularly grows to a length of up to six metres. Widespread throughout Africa, the Nile crocodile was once common in most large rivers and lakes, but it has been exernimated in many areas in the past century hunted professionally for its skin as well as by vengefull local villagers. Countrary to popular legend, Nile crocodiles generally feed mostly on fish, at least where densities are suffient. They will also prey on drinking or swimming mammls where the opportunity presents itself, dragging their victim under water until it drowns. They also frequently eat carrion, such as a hippo that has been of natural causes in the water. A large crocodile is capable of killing a lion or wildebeest, or an adult human for that matter, and in certain areas such as the Mara or Grumeti are mostly confined to protected areas within Tanzania.

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