Bush Babies in Tanzania

Galagos (bushbabies) in Swahili: komba (Galago and Otolemur spp.)

Length (excluding tail): up to 45 cm; weight: up to 500 g. This taxonomically controversial family, distantly related to the lemurs of Madagascar, is widespread in Tanzania, where around a dozen species in two genera are recognised. Most commonly seen, and easily identified due to their size, are the three species of greater galago (Otolemur spp.). They occur all along the eastern side of Africa and produce a terrifying scream so loud you’d think it was emitted by a chimpanzee or gorilla. The lesser bushbabies of the genus Galago are more widespread and common but less readily seen, though they can sometimes be picked out by tracing the cry to a tree and shining a torch or spotlight in its general direction to look for its large eyes.

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