Bushbuck in Tanzania

Bushbuck in Swahili: pongo (Tragelaphus scriptus)

Shoulder height: 70–80 cm; weight: 30–45 kg. This attractive antelope, a member of the same genus as the kudu and sitatunga, shows great regional variation in colouring. The male is dark brown, chestnut or, in parts of Ethiopia, black, while the much smaller female is generally pale red-brown. The male has relatively small, straight horns for a Tragelaphus antelope. Both sexes have similar throat patches to the lesser kudu, and are marked with white spots and sometimes stripes. One of the most widespread antelope species in Africa, the bushbuck occurs in forest and riverine woodland throughout Tanzania, where it is normally seen singly or in pairs. It tends to be secretive and skittish except where it is used to people, so it is not as easily seen as you might expect of a common antelope.

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