Blue Monkey in Tanzania

Blue monkey in Swahili: kima (Cercopithecus mitis)

Length (excluding tail): 50–60 cm; weight: 5–8 kg. This most variable of African monkeys is also known as the samango and Sykes’ monkey, or the diademed or white-throated guenon. Several dozen races are recognised, divided by some authorities into more than one species. Taxonomic confusion notwithstanding, C. mitis is the most common forest guenon in eastern Africa, with one or another race occurring in just about any suitable habitat. Unlikely to be confused with another species in Tanzania, the blue monkey has a uniformly dark blue-grey coat broken by a white throat, which in some races extends all down the chest and in others around the collar. It lives in troops of up to ten animals and associates with other primates where their ranges overlap. It is common in Arusha and Lake Manyara national parks and in many forest reserves.

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