Best time to visit Saadani national park is in the dry season when the vegetation is not very thick hence clear views of wildlife, this is from July to September. Saadani national park can be accessed by air or road transport it’s about 4 hours drive from Dar- es Salam.


The best way to relax your muscles after along day walk or game viewing is by immersing yourself in the mighty Indian ocean and cool off the afternoon scotching sun, sun bathing is also fun as you view elephants come to drink water.

Bird Watching

Tanzania is one of Africa top destinations for birders; the best palace for birding at Saadani is at the Mangrove lined canopy of the Want river banks and the grasslands. Some of the birds at the park can be named below; crowned eagle, bateleurs, mangrove kingfisher, flamingoes, little bittern, lesser kestrel, lanner falcon, avid birders and African skimmers can be found all year

Cultural Experiences

A part from being involved in fishing, tourists can explore the African fishing villages and learn how people have survived in the past years and also their ways of lives perhaps enjoy a traditional dances performance from the locals as well as visit the fishing villages

Boat Cruise

One of the most remarkable activities at Saadani national park is taking a boat cruise to the Wami river where you can enjoy panoramic views of the park and see a lot of wildlife like hippos, crocodiles and elephants at the sand shores.

Guided Nature Walks

Tourists can take guided nature walks and explore the Mangrove forests and come across green turtles, butterflies, doves, bats, monkeys and fish pawns making your beach holiday a one to remember.

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