Nature Guided Walks

A nature guided walk can be taken to a Goodall  foundations old feeding station this the first place where Dr Goodall was when studying the behavior of Chimpanzees this is also the place where Henry Stanley met Dr Livingstone​ in 1871.

Bird Watching

Gombe national park is blessed with both migratory and residential birds and the most commonly seen are  trumpeter hornbill,  palmnut vulture, fishing eagle and pied kingfisher among the rest Birding can be done while on a nature guided walk or during Chimpanzee trekking.

Sport Fishing

Tourists interested in making their safari more memorable can add fishing to their itinerary, tourists must engage in this activity with an experienced fishing guide as well as a fishing permit and must do this activity in the designated areas.

Chimpanzee Trekking

Visitors can explore the park by trekking Chimpanzees and also come along other primates like the vervet monkey, red tailed monkey, blue monkey and beachcomber live baboon to mention a few.

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