Bird Watching

Ruaha national park boats with over 500 bird species and is truly a birders paradise for bird enthusiasts, the park harbors both migratory and residential birds. The best period for watching bird is during the rainy seasons, some of the birds found at the park are African fish eagle, ashy starling, black billed bustard, bateleurs, Eleanora’s falcon,  emerald spotted wood dove, crested barbet, long crested eagle, Goliath heron and white billied go away bird among the rest.

Night Game Drives

Night game drives at Ruaha national park are done occasionally and the parks headquarters must be informed in advance tourists will explore the park with an armed tourist guided as you view nocturnal animals like hyenas and hippos giving you a thrilling life time experience of the night whispers in Africa.

Guided Nature Walks

Ruaha ​national park provides visitors with many walking trails to experience the wilderness on foot; the trails will expose you to a lot birdlife and plant species as well as animals. This normally last for a bout two to three hours a guided nature walk is also a great opportunity to take many photos of nature and take back home for remberance.

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