Coffee Activities

The slopes of mount Meru are coffee farmlands, tourists can visit the coffee farms, tourists can witness coffee being processed and can also buy some to take back home.

Bird Watching​

There are a lot birds to be seen while hiking mount Meru from the slopes to the top tourists can expect to see birds like African skimmers, tawny eagle, verreaux eagle and many more including the flamingoes at the momella lakes at to the mountain slopes.


Hiking is the main tourist’s activity at mount Meru. The mountain reaches 14,980 feet hikers of mountain Mount Meru should always be with an armed game ranger during to the presence of wildlife in the park, throughout the hiking tourists will be sleeping in comfortable huts provided accommodation. Hikers always reach the too at sun rise and have breathtaking views of Mount Kilimanjaro and the Meru crater. The hike always takes three to four days.

Game drives at Arusha National Park

The mountains slopes of Mount​ Meru spreads Arusha national park gifted with a lot of wildlife, tourists ca take on the game drives before or after hiking and see various animals like, giraffes, waterbucks. Warthogs, elephants, zebras, hyenas and lions and elephants seen occasionally.

Cultural Activities

Tourists who would love to experience the African culture can visit the people and get entertained with local traditional dances and also learn about their unique ways of life on top of acquiring African made handy crafts to take home for loved ones.


Canoeing is one of the activities to be done this normally takes place on the panoramic momella lakes lasting for two to three hours, here you can see giraffes and various animals coming to dink water as well as various water birds.

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