Picnicking can be done when visiting Lake Natron. The Great Rift Valley hiking trail will lead you to a dramatic picnic sites on top of lengai and hiking the rift valley wall on foot after a picnic lunch or breakfast tourists can descend using another route to the valley.


Tourists visiting lake Natron can have fun hiking up to the Engage Sero waterfalls  and relax and have your packed launch, the hikes can take half or full day. The top of the water falls provides you with outstanding photo opportunities and also majestic views of Lake Natron

Cultural Tours

Tourists can also visit one of Africa still kept and preserved primitive group of Hunter gathering tribe, the Had a bush men who have a very unique way of life different from most African tribes.

Visit the Archaeological Sites

For those who love historical sites and archeology, the can walk to the Hominid footprints believed to be over 100,000 years old.

Bird Watching

Lake Natron is the best destination for bird enthusiasts especially those fond of flamingoes. The flamingo walk will expose tourists to countless flamingoes at the crater and a part from watching flamingoes, tourists can extend to watch other birds, this walks normally take place in the morning and evening hours.

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