Game Viewing

There is limited game in the park but never the less you will encounter some wildlife such as; giant elephants, the red Zanzibar colobus monkey, African civet, adder’s duiker and sykes monkey to mention a few tourists will also see different species of​ chameleon. Dolphins, shark, tuna and Marlin are also often seen.

Guided Nature Walks

A guided nature walk will expose tourists to nature at its best. The walk will make tourists come in contact with birdlife, primates, visit the Zanzibar museum and explore more the forest nature all trail takes about forty five minutes to explore.

Bird watching

Chakwa Bay national park boasts with over 80 species of birds both migratory birds from Europe and North Africa and residential birds that can easily be seen on the Mangrove forest, grasslands in at ocean shores. The best time for doing this activity is in the morning and evening hours.

Communuty Visit

The people living around the park have very rich cultural values you would love to learn about, interacting with the locals will open your eyes to African unspoilt culture, tourists can also acquire souvenirs to take back home for remembrance.

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