Toyota Land Cruiser on Safari Tour

Uganda is the Pearl of Africa, which is among the best countries to travel to. People here are friendly and approachable with many different cultural backgrounds (over 50 native tribes). You can experience traditional dance and craft making and visit historical sites.

Meet our closest relatives, the chimpanzees and gorillas, and experience the unique feeling to track them in their natural habitat. Let our experienced tour guides drive you to the National Parks and show you the scenic lakes and rivers, the lush vegetation and the active wildlife. Enjoy the quietness and the fresh air of the Rwenzori Mountains.

Toyota Land Cruiser on Safari Tour

The word Kwanza comes from the Swahili language, and it means ‘First’. Kwanza Tours Ltd. is a small, Uganda-based tour operator. On August 14th, 2015, the company was registered with registration number 206399. It has two managers and a secretary. Using Kwanza Tours as your ground handler means that you get fast and tailor-made service, even in your preferred language (English and German). Competitive prices, well-maintained cars like Land Cruisers, mini safari buses and Toyota Hiace Super Custom with four-wheel drive and the best driver-guides in Uganda. We also organize budget, mid-range and high-end itineraries. Kwanza Tours itself selects all lodging services. Our advice is based on our criteria of choice: atmosphere, service, place and cost.

Kwanza Tours will do its best to make your safari journey to Uganda as pleasant as possible, and to create memories that will last a lifetime. Let us fulfil your dreams and book your safari tour today.

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